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What is a Sax-o-gram?

Give your friends or family something different for the next occasion or holiday. Give them something fun and memorable!  A Sax-o-Gram is a digital saxophone telegram video made personal upon request.


Each Sax-o-Gram will include:


  1.  A short spoken intro usually containing the recipients name, who it's from, and the appropriate holiday greeting.

  2. A saxophone performance by me playing a song that fits the celebration. Or you can request me to play a part of a  song of your choice instead. (specifics for this will be on the request form you will be sending to me). 

  3. A short and sweet spoken closer given by me or YOU.


Every video will be edited and ready to share from your phone or computer device with ease. How to begin? Fill out the form below and hear back within 24 hours for pricing and questions.​ Looking forward to being a part of that special day for your special someone 

  - sax-o-gram form -  

Thanks for submitting!

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